Environmental Mutagenesis


Maria João Silva



Department of Human Genetics


Department of Human Genetics
Avenida Padre Cruz, 1649-016 Lisboa, Portugal

Email: m.joao.silva_at_insa.min.saude.pt
Phone: +351 217 526 425
Fax: +351 217 526 410

Our group aims at exploring the interactions between the exposome and the genome/proteome as determinants of human conditions (e.g. chronic diseases, cancer and infertility), in order to prevent the onset of environmental diseases. A second aim of our research is to provide the knowledge basis for decision making through risk assessment of environmental stressors.

Research areas

• Environmental genotoxicity

• Nanotoxicology

• Molecular epidemiology

• Molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis and toxicogenomics

Running as PI:

• “NANoREG – A common European Approach to the Regulatory Testing of Nanomaterials”, funded under the FP7, theme NMP.21012.1.3-3 NMP.2012.1.3-3 (2013-2016) – PI of the Portuguese participation

• “NANOGENOTOX – Safety evaluation of manufactured nanomaterials by characterisation of their potential genotoxic hazard” funded by the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, 2009 21 01 (2010-2013) – PI of the Portuguese participation

Running as Collaborator (2004-2017)

•• “NanoPoliBiofilm – Polymeric therapeutic nanoparticles containing an antimicrobial agent: new opportunities for the development of anti-biofilm agents to treat postetic joint infections”, EXCL/CTM-NAN/0166/2012 (2013-2015).

• “Mycomix – Exploring the toxic effects of mixtures of mycotoxins in infant food and potential health impact”, PTDC/DTP-FTO/0417/2012 (2013-2015).

• “HERA – Environmental Risk Assessment of a Contaminated Estuarine Environment: a Case Study”, PTDC/SAU-ESA/100107/2008 (2010-2013).

• “Characterization of genotoxic effects associated to human long-term exposure to water-borne contaminants”, INSA/2010 (2010-2015).

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• NANoREG consortium
• Research groups from several European institutes working in the field of toxicology and environmental health, including (but not limited to) RIVM, The Netherlands; ANSES, France; FIOH, Finland; NILU, Norway.